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Superannuation Management Superannuation Management

For many Australian’s, the biggest financial asset they own outside of the family home is their superannuation. Unfortunately most people don’t give their superannuation enough attention because they can’t access this money until retirement or because it’s all just too hard. Superannuation is a tax effective savings vehicle where money is invested to provide for your retirement.

It is imperative that all Australians start thinking about their superannuation as early as possible to ensure that they have accumulated enough money to provide for them in retirement. Too many Australians discover that they will outlive their retirement money or they don’t have enough money to provide the lifestyle that they were accustomed to pre-retirement.

At 360 Financial Strategists, we customise a financial strategy to enhance and maximise your position both now and into the future to achieve your tomorrow.

Some of the strategies that we use include:

  • Government Co-Contributions
  • Spouse Contributions
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Non-Concessional contributions
  • Transition to Retirement

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